Every horse owner knows that horses require a lot of care and attention.
Taking care of horses involves a lot more than brushing and making them pretty.
One of the fundamental factors of keeping your horse healthy and happy is to create suitable living conditions.
For most horses that have access to stables that mean having a good sized, well ventilated and clean box, where they can comfortably spend their time.
To keep their stables in best condition it is necessary to muck out their boxes on a daily basis.

There are many different options of horse bedding such as wood shavings, straw or wood pellets.
Every horse is different, and owners adapt to provide suitable bedding.
As wood pellets gaining popularity and become more readily available, many horse owners try using wood pellets for horse bedding as they have a very high moisture absorbency.
When moist, wood pellets turn into sawdust and provide a soft and comfortable bed.
On the other side, horse manure can be easily removed by sifting it out. This means that a lot less new bedding will be needed daily.
Due to high absorbency of wood pellets, horses can enjoy their dry, clean and comfortable stables and live healthier life.
In addition, many horse owners find that it takes them a lot less time to clean a horse box, leaving more time to spend with their horses.