Wood pellets are getting more and more popular every year, as people care more about the environment and turn to cost effective renewable sources of energy.

Heating wood pellets offer modern, sustainable and effective way to heat your home.
Using wood pellets for heating is normally cheaper than heating oil, gas or electricity.
However, you need to take into the cost of a new boiler.

It is not always easy to compare wood pellets from different manufacturers.

Wood pellets price comparison does not always make sense, it is not always clear whether the difference is due to the cost of production, transportation, or certification.

First of all wood pellets are used for different purposes, such as heating, bedding or smoking.

If you use wood pellets for heating:

  • you need to check your boiler specification, some boilers may require you use specific wood pellets
  • consider whether certification is important to you
  • assess how much space you have for storage and if you are able to keep large quantity
  • consider quality of wood pellets
  • look for CO2, ash and moisture content and heat efficiency
  • take into account delivery charges

If you are using wood pellets for any other purpose rather than fuel, such as horse bedding or cat litter you:

  • you need to look for moisture content,
  • assess whether your storage capacity will allow you to buy in bulk
  • while you may already know that wood pellets are better and cheaper than wood shavings and sawdust, prices of different manufacturers can considerably vary
  • if you are using wood pellets for horse bedding, check what wood they are made from, and make sure that they have low dust content.