Rising prices of oil and other fossil fuels turned many buyers to look for alternatives.

As more and more people are all getting more environmentally conscious and governments all over the world are trying to encourage the usage of renewable energy, many consider wood pellets.

Biomass boiler is a fairly new and modern concept offering cost efficient way to heat homes. They are often offered as an alternative for properties using oil, coal or gas.

Biomass boilers are highly efficient and come in different shapes and sizes. Majority of biomass boilers use wood pellets, as they are the most common type of pellet fuel.

Wood pellets for biomass boiler are normally categorised by heating value, moisture and ash content.

Wood pellets used in biomass boiler can be fed in automatically or manually. As wood pellets are very light in weight, they are very easy to handle. They are normally packed in plastic bags and can be delivered in any quantity, as a single bag when needed or per pallet if you have sufficient room for storage.