There are many different varieties of wood pellets suitable for smokers, and they can vary dramatically.
Wood pellets made from different varieties of wood produce different results, as food will taste differently.
Wood pellets used for smokers are not the same as heating wood pellets.
Heating wood pellets are normally produced from softwood, or a combination of softwood and hardwood, while wood pellets used for smokers are normally made from hardwood.
Smoker wood pellets can be oak, cherry, hickory, apple or many other varieties and will give your food distinctive smell and flavour. There are no better or worse flavours, they are just simply different, you need to try them and choose the one that you like.
When buying wood pellets for smoker make sure that they are suitable for food cooking. Heating wood pellets are cheaper, but they don’t provide the same flavour and you have to make sure that there are no harmful additives and that they can be safely used for cooking.